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How to Find a Custom Made Wedding Dress of Your Dream

wedding dressIt is impossible to describe the exhilarating excitement and throb of joy which overcomes a girl on the day when she hears cherished words of the marriage proposal from a loved one. From that moment, her happy wedding story in which the main accent is the choice of a fabulous wedding dress begins. So, how can you find exactly “your” wedding dress?
Thus, there are three ways to find a bridal gown of your dream:

1. Buy a dress online.

At first glance, this is the easiest, the most convenient, and the most beneficial way to find a wedding dress. However, this option has its pros and cons. On the one hand, you can choose a dress no matter where you are, order delivery directly to the threshold of your home, and, most importantly, buy a dress for a very low price. The low price, discounts, and sales are the main reasons causing the brides to buy wedding gowns at the online stores. However, on the other hand, the online purchase of bridal gown is fraught with certain risks. Thus, you can get a product that does not correspond to description and photos on the Internet. In the worst case, you will get an entirely different dress. Also, you risk paying for an expensive designer wedding dress, but finally receive a cheap counterfeit made of poor-quality materials.

If you still want to order a bridal gown online, do this at the official websites of wedding dress designers. However, in this case, it is possible to face another problem. The wedding dress size which you choose does not always ideally fit your body type. Of course, it will be possible to make some alterations to fit your body perfectly. However, it is not cheap, especially if it is necessary to order the fabrics and lace. As a result, you will pay for a dress twice.

2. Buy a dress at a bridal shop.

Most brides still prefer to search for a wedding gown at the really existing bridal shop. Indeed, it is so pleasant to go to a bridal shop, touch real luxurious bridal gowns, and choose a wedding dress silhouette that suits your best.
After all, when would you have another opportunity to show yourself off in front of the mirror in different beautiful wedding dresses and feel like a real princess?custom-made wedding dress

3. Order a custom-made dress.

This option is suitable for those brides who aspire to wear a dress made just for them on their most solemn day. Perhaps, you already have an idea how your perfect wedding dress should look like. Thus, you may wish an exclusive strapless dress with a long train, backless A-line dress, mermaid dress, or princess inspired wedding dress. Or maybe, you want to be directly involved in the process of creating your custom made wedding dress and see how the work on it progresses day after day. Making your bridal gown with a designer, you can put your heart and soul into your dress.

In everyday life, we often deal with the standards and stereotypes, including the choice of clothes. So, do not deny yourself the pleasure to make your wedding the happiest and the brightest day in your life wearing a unique tailor-made wedding gown. Also, our Ingrida Bridal Boutique will be glad to help you accentuate your beauty and individuality!

How We Make Ingrida Bridal Wedding Dresses

custom made wedding dressAt our bridal shop, we offer a wide spectrum of wedding dresses, bridal veils, and other wedding accessories from the Ingrida Bridal collections. You can try on bridal gowns and accessories in a variety of styles and buy a wedding outfit you like right at the boutique.

But if you did not manage to find the right wedding dress size or style, we are ready to realise any of your design ideas and sew a bridal gown of your dreams. Our highly professional designer will consult you for free. Moreover, you will have a unique opportunity to order from Ingrida Bridal a custom made wedding dress which will be created just for you. Thus, you can make adjustments to the design of the existing wedding collections according to your taste and wishes. For example, it is possible to lengthen the sleeves, pick the right skirt style, or choose the other fabric or lace colour. Also, Ingrida Bridal brand gives you an unprecedented opportunity to create a sketch of your fabulous wedding dress and choose fabrics, lace, and additional decorative elements (embroidery with gold or silver thread, beads, stones, sequins, etc.) in cooperation with the designer.

The process of tailoring custom made bridal gown consists of several stages:

– The conclusion of an agreement with a bride.

The agreement stipulates specific dress fitting date and dress delivery time. We always strictly adhere to the deadlines since the trust of our customers is above all for us.dress cutting

– Dress cutting out and preparation for the first fitting.

– The first dress fitting.

The designer carries out this dress fitting all by herself. During the first fitting, you will try on the dress which just has been basted (without lace and other decorations). We will make all necessary alterations so that the dress could fit perfectly to your figure. We advise you to bring wedding shoes with you when you come to us for the fitting. That is because the dress length will depend on the heel height.

– The second dress fitting.

The second fitting is possible, but not obligatory. In most cases, it is necessary if you order a fishtail bridal gown or a backless wedding dress.dress tailoring

– Dress tailoring.

After fittings, the most difficult and diligent stage begins. That’s the process of tailoring your fabulous wedding dress. Our highly devoted and experienced master of needlework will turn your custom made wedding dress into a real masterpiece.

– Dress collection.

Before the deadline, you will visit our bridal shop to take your fully completed magnificent custom made wedding dress.

Before you go to the Ingrida Bridal boutique, please make a pre- appointment call or fill out the contact form on the homepage. You can find detailed contact information in “Contact us” section of our website. Thank you for your trust!